Is a venture from Kyushu University and the Institute of Advanced Science and Technology of Kyushu and is an internationally rich team.

By fusing the knowledge of academia and business, we will quickly build an AI system that utilizes advanced technology.


Vision and Mission

By utilizing big data & open data and artificial intelligence technology:

  • Aim for a society full of charm and vitality for citizens
  • We provide consulting and platform systems


  • AI machine learning based on hands-on knowledge of academia and business
  • AIBOD Share & Mill collaboration platform suitable for data utilization
  • Accumulated project findings 
    · AI of embedded systems, Io · Robot AI, image estimation AI 
    · AIST AI supercomputer collaboration platform 
    · Power forecasting and optimization in case of project, citizen behaviour change to low-carbon society


Products and Services


Digital collaboration platform integrated with data analysis engine and marketplace sharing ASM.

Various digital tools can be developed with API provided by ASM.

Digital collaboration platform

AIBOD Share & Mill provides a "place" for data utilization.

  • Where you share your data and the digital knowledge inside and outside the team (Share)
  • A place to analyze those contents intuitively (Mill)


Public platform utilizing ASM (open examination)


SYDM (Share Your Data with Me)

Share and utilize huge amounts of data inside and outside the company to create new customer value!

  • I'd like to make use of past designers in the design now!
  • I'd like to make use of sales information of other departments/other customers to own department/customer's sales!
  • I want to open innovation with outside researchers and engineers!
  • I'd like to find a company that meets different needs!


SYIM (Share Your Insight with Me)

Help improve team data literacy and transform data into findings

We solve these problems:

  • I would like to use data analysis tools such as R and Python, but it is hard to understand.
  • It is difficult to obtain data suitable for data analysis and machine learning.
  • There are a lot of data on campus/inside the company, but it is not organized at all and can't be used.
  • We want to share not only data but also knowledge such as data analysis and analysis results among stakeholders, but there is no way to share it.
  • It is easy to organize groups and teams to share data and knowledge and conduct data analysis in collaboration, but there is no appropriate means to do so.


Product under development



One of the strengths of team AIBOD is metadata automatic generation technology. We are developing our own products that make use of this strength.





Since its founding in February 2016 Team AIBOD has become a diversity team including doctoral talent and members of diverse nationalities. We will promote the development of services and products incorporating state-of-the-art technology with these members.



Role of Team AIBOD


Information technology utilization data has rapidly been spreading throughout society, but it is becoming difficult to understand the overflowing information properly. Team AIBOD aims to make it easy to use data collection and utilization.

  • Generation of data (metadata) explaining data and its knowledge
  • Recommendation AI using accumulated metadata
  • Market place tools to share useful data
  • Data Analysis Engine


Customer Cases


Team AIBOD has promoted collaboration with customers with (1) AI construction by data science and (2) data sharing. Here are some examples.