Trial production of “AI data sharing system” launches

“Team AIBOD Co., Ltd.”, a venture company from Kyushu University and Kyushu Advanced Science and Technology Research Institute, is a National Aerospace Exploration Agency (AIS) Development “We proposed a prototype system based on the company’s” digital collaboration platform “AIBOD Share & Mill” for public offering, and was adopted at the end of November last year and concluded a contract this time.

AIST AI Open Innovation Ecosystem “is currently being constructed worldwide at AIST. AIST AI Cloud (AIST cloud) (AIST AI Open Source Innovation Ecosystem AIST AIST), which is currently the world’s largest energy conservation performance ranking (Green 500 List, November 2017) AAIC), “and introduced the infrastructure such as the supercomputer system” Large Scale Power-Saving Cloud Infrastructure for Artificial Intelligence Processing (ABCI) “, which is the fastest in Japan as of the start of operations in April next year.

The “AI data sharing system” covered by the procurement public offering of this project / proposal efficiently collects various data necessary for machine learning and deep learning in the infrastructure, and AI research. It is aimed at sharing and reusing within the community and accelerating AI research and development. Our company “AIBOD Share & Mill” adopted by this public offering is superior in user interface, and also utilize AI, efficiently collects, organizes, publishes, shares and acquires data on behalf of users efficiently.

We will continue to contribute to the realization of a prosperous society through social implementation of AI.

January 12, Heisei 30

Team AIBOD Co., Ltd.


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