AIBOD Capability


Team AIBOD considers human resources, technology, and accumulated projects as assets, and we use it as a growth engine.


Human resources

Team AIBOD is based on Accademia and business talent. We are carrying out a course "AI · Machine hands-on learning" that takes advantage of the knowledge of business data analysis and the academia's educational experience. With our own lecture materials, we have held 8 internal training seminars and 2 open lectures for companies the last year and a half. We expand data analysis for small and medium enterprises and promote student internship and employment development.


Technical asset

Founder Mr. Hisato Matsuo (former IBM technician & consultant) and Kazuaki Murakami (professor Emeritus Kyudai, deputy director of former Kyushu Institute of Advanced Science and Technology) are from business and academia backgrounds. A wide variety of ICT has been researched and developed particularly in computer system architecture, HPC (High Performance Computing), AI (Intelligence), BOD (Big / Open Data), CPS (Cyber ​​Physical System), IoT (Internet of Things), Urban OS, Cloud, Digital Learning LA (learning analysis), and AL (adaptive learning), etc.

Based on findings, Team AIBOD focuses on data utilization technology, the data collaboration platform "AIBOD Share 'Mill", the data analysis tool service "QuickMill", and public services "ShareYourDatawithMe (SYDM, http: // "" ShareYourInsightwithMe (SYIM, ".

In addition, "core metadata generation" is the core competence technology supporting these.


Accumulated item assets

Team AIBOD is proceeding with multiple projects with companies that have a relationship from Kyushu Institute of Advanced Science and Technology etc. These three projects incorporate our strategy.

1. Partnership case: major project. Embedded engineering, IoT · Robot, image estimation.

2. Research institution/country pro projects: (AIST) data/AI model sharing at AI supercomputer, (Ministry of the Environment 1) regional power optimization utilizing re-energization, (Ministry of the Environment 2) citizen's behaviour change to low carbonization

3. Local government · Public data project: Promotion of utilization of open data in partnership with Kyushu Advanced Science and Technology Research Laboratory, Promotion of science data utilization of Kyushu University COI collaboration