Every Success Starts with a Story

Team AIBOD Co., Ltd. was established on February 1st 2016.


We are a start-up company from Kyushu's three Academia.

  • Kyushu Institute of Advanced Science and Technology, Public Interest Foundation
  • National University Corporation Kyushu University
  • National University Corporation Kyushu Institute of Technology



  1. Founded to leverage R&D cases of Fukuoka’s Laboratory in Feb. 2016.
  2. Accepted by Deep Learning research to estimate people flow using time series data in Mar. 2016.
  3. Accepted performance estimation research for an embedded system to create machine learning models in May 2016.
  4. First accepted AI / Machine Learning lecture business for a corporate program in Jun. 2016.
  5. Accepted development of “worklog” analysis application in Jul. 2016.
  6. Accepted development of IoT ”sharing” platform for collaboration between IoT device developers in Dec.2016.
  7. Developed AIBOD Mill and its digital tool AIBOD QuickMill by utilizing series of #3 and six lecture courses of #4 in Jan. 2017
  8. Developed Meta data automatic generation in Jun.2017.
  9. Developed AIBOD Share by utilizing series of #6 in Jul.2017.
  10. Created AIBOD DataScience brand in Aug.2017.


Building relevant solutions:

As for our company’s vision, utilization of data is the corporate objective. Also, appeal for User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) is our value. We have been incorporating good new technologies with DevOps operation. If customers’ requirements comply with our strategy, we will develop in our own using existing technologies.


Our long term goal is to extend our data utilization to public. We are in a stage of core technology integration, built ASM. Then the “Core Platform” will be extended to various domains as “Colored Platform” in B2B business. And then we go to B2C or B2G (Gov) business.