Mission, Vision, and Milestones

Team AIBOD creates solutions that make a positive global impact.



We unlock data’s potential, transforming it into valuable assets that will benefit society.



Team AIBOD will contribute to a rich and efficient society where everyone is empowered by their data.



Team AIBOD has been tackling tough technology challenges since the company was founded in 2016. We are enthusiastic about the future of the field and will continue to update this list as new milestones are reached.


2016 Milestones

  • February 2016 – Team AIBOD founded by two academics in Fukuoka
  • March 2016 – Began research into predicting human processes through deep learning
  • June 2016 – Founded the AshitanoManabi Lab group company

2017 Milestones

  • January 2017 – Developed AIBOD QuickMill
  • April 2017 – Joined national project led by the Ministry of Environment (MOE) on AI Nudge to encourage people to live more eco-conscious lives through the use of AI
  • June 2017 – Joined another MOE national project on energy prediction AI for local microgrids
  • July 2017 – Developed technology for automatic metadata generation
  • July 2017 – Implemented automatic metadata generation for AIBOD Share & Mill
  • November 2017 – Developed an Android application for the Nudge national project

2018 Milestones

  • January 2018 – Developed an Area Energy Management System with prediction AI for the microgrid national project
  • February 2018 – Established a company called Mekiki, jointly with a pawnbroker for image recognition AI
  • April 2018 – Began work on Team AIBOD proprietary product
  • December 2018 – Appeared at Slush 2018 in Helsinki to showcase the first prototype of the MyReco application

2019 Milestones

  • March 2019 – Introduced first beta desktop applications for Stratalink and MyReco
  • April 2019 –  Released AIBOD Energy public beta
  • June 2019* – Released public beta versions of Stratalink and MyReco
  • August 2019* –  Released prototype of AI-as-a-Service
  • October 2019* - Release public beta of AI-as-a-Service

* Upcoming Milestone