AI Automotive

The Industry Challenge

The Automotive manufacturing domain creates a wealth of opportunities to leverage machine learning and AI-based software. Many manufacturers spend valuable resources and time testing the physical durability of the parts they produce. While this system made sense at one time, we now have the technology to move beyond these labor-intensive methods.

Team AIBOD’s Solution

Our team uses supervised learning models to predict the impact of a hardware’s use over time and under specific conditions. This allows us to understand exactly how a component will respond to climates, wear, and other factors - all thanks to AI.

The benefits are clear. Your company will be able to predict how a part will withstand specific circumstances and when you can expect it to require a replacement. This can all be done within a condensed time frame and at a reduced cost when compared to standard physical testing. In addition, consumers will have confidence that your organization is utilizing cutting-edge solutions to deliver the best final product.


Use Case: Large Auto Company

Graph that explains about engine adaptation: how engine data is estimated by Artificial Intelligence and estimates input parameters for engine control

Through the solution Team AIBOD has developed, our automotive business partner can now understand and improve their manufacturing performance. Our technology models chip erosion in varying weather conditions over time allowing the manufacturer to predict and reduce the impact of hardware cracks or breaks.