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A computer screen showing MyReco's interface, with a list of recommended files with their description and related images

Visualize Your Search


Interface of myreco highlighting keywords and features to filter and narrow down search recommendations

Visualize Your Search

Never lose a file again! With MyReco, you can quickly search by keyword and filter by file type. The app will suggest related terms to help you hone in on exactly the file you need. You can also search by date created, date modified, MyReco score, and more. With MyReco, everything you need is a simple search away.

Fast Desktop File Search

A screenshot of MyReco showing a drag and drop interface for file uploading

Create your own file repository within MyReco. Just drag and drop files into the easy-to-use interface, and they will be included in your future searches.

A screenshot of MyReco's interface file recommendation system and search outputs displaying keywords, tags, file type and the number of results

If you’re not sure what file you are looking for, MyReco is the solution. Simply type in a keyword that you remember, and the system will show you a list of files that contain that word.

A list of recommended files with its description and highlighted words

MyReco will create a list of additional keywords the document may contain for you to refine your search further. You can also filter by selecting a date range, file type, or rank the files using MyReco’s file scoring system.

MyReco’s Features

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Clearly see each file’s details with MyReco’s organized view.

Funnel IconSearch

Never waste time looking for the right file again with MyReco. Quickly search using keywords or a range of filters to find the information you need - fast.

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MyReco helps you to discover files similar to the ones you are looking for in seconds.

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Preview all of your files in one single interface.

Icons of PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, Word, and Documents, showing the compatibility with MyReco

Compatible with a
Range of File Types

Frequently Asked Questions

Just select the files you wish to add from your file list, then drag and drop them into MyReco.

MyReco supports .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx at this time. If you’d like us to add another file type, please let us know by filling out the contact form.

MyReco gives you a faster way to narrow down your search. Start by looking for a specific keyword, then refine with suggested terms, file type, and select your date range (for date created or date last modified). You can also view files by how high they score on MyReco’s prediction ranking.

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