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* AIBOD Share & Mill


Team AIBOD’s primary and core product is AIBOD Share & Mill, called ASM. ASM offers a “Place” for data utilization among teams. AIBOD Share provides users a tool to share their internal and external data / insights. AIBOD Mill allows users to analyze those contents with easy-to-understand operation. Users can have a data journey through the following four steps, Collect, Accumulate, Share and Utilize.


The first step is to collect deep information on data. ASM automatically generates metadata from input data. The generated metadata includes keywords, description of data, quick analysis of pictures and URL links if data is a text or PDF, quick analysis results and quick visualization of numbers if data is CSV, images or time-series. ASM generates tags from these Meta data.


The second step is to accumulate those contents. ASM does analysis on those contents for users’ convenience, offering appropriate recommendations to show users’ desired contents, and comfortable discovery to let users find out more.


The third step is to share those contents with others. ASM does provide marketplace in a catalog view to share users’ contents within a team. Users are able to make their own contents open. All members in the same team are able to view/use the shared contents.


The fourth step is to utilize those contents. Open digital contents are used by others to perform the same analysis as the original or to have new insights. ASM does provide an analysis place for these purposes. Using commonly used analysis tools such as R, ASM has generalized library for typical or widely used algorithms.

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AIBOD Share & Mill (ASM)

AIBOD Share & Mill offers a "Place" for data utilization within the Team. 

The place that users share internal/external digital insight: Share

The place where users analyze those contents intuitively: Mill


AIBOD Digital Tools


AIBOD Share & Mill (ASM) provides APIs to use ASM functions above mentioned, Auto-generation of Meta data, Recommendation and etc. Third venders can develop their own digital tools using ASM API.


AIBOD QuickMill is a digital tool that runs on ASM. There are plenty of data analysis and machine learning tools. Some tools offer beginners or non professionals an easy-to-use experience without programming. However, even such non-programming tools require a basic understanding of data analysis. Without this skill, users may be unable to make process or data flow. QuickMill provides straight forward steps with analysis results visualization. This tool does needs basic knowledge of how to see the results, but shows results in graphs, box-plots, distribution maps, and such so that users can utilize their own created models comprehensively. This concept comes from Team AIBOD’s vision, Meta AI.


ASM is a platform that offers a "Place" for sharing and analysis


ASM provides its functions via API


ASM digital tools using AMS API support your business


ASM allows customers to develop their own digital tools