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L - R: Murakami-san、Vice president of Team AIBOD, Ikegami-sama、Board member of the Ministry of Education, Matsuo-san, President of Team AIBOD and Trouve-san, Chief Technical Officer of Team AIBOD


Our society is quickly changing with the development of information technology. In recent years, the evolution is so remarkable that it is said to be the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Changes in society will accelerate in the future. I think the flow of change in recent years is born by four flow of data. One is big data. Various data occurs in large quantities in a short time and changes. Analysis that human beings can not grasp with the evolution of big data analysis technology became possible. It is open data next. The range of data analysis has expanded due to open data that everyone can use. And IoT and AI accelerate their flow.


The information processing and analysis by artificial intelligence (AI) will increase the information that exceeds the scale that human beings can grasp. We hope to utilize AI technology in a broad sense to connect the power of data to your success.


- Representative Director and President Hisato Matsuo

Our Staff

Meet our growing team of dynamic professionals! 


Team AIBOD has 14 members and 10 members are technology and development.


In the technology team, 6 members or 60% hold PhD. And 6 members are from foreign countries, remaining 4 are Japanese.


Two top managements, President/CEO and Vice President run one other company Ashitano Manabi Lab Inc where CTO and CFO are common in the two companies. Business of Ashitano Manabi Lab is development of learning platforms.


Hisato Matsuo

Representative Director and President

Kazuaki Murakami

Vice president

Tetsuya Hasebe

Board Member

Antione Trouve

Chief Technical Officer

Kazunari Nishi

Sales Manager

Gakuyo Terashi

Distribution Manager

Yukiko Takayama

Executive Assistant

Maki Nagatomo

Back office

Jun Maki

Senior Scientist

Yuhichi Inadomi

Senior Scientist

Hajime Murakami

Senior Scientist

Cruz Ayoroa Arnaldo Jose

Senior Scientist

Takanori Hayashida

Senior Scientist

Erik Mendoza


Kohyoh Sakurai


Israel Mendonca dos Santos


Yutaro Okuno


Tasuku Murakami


Hiroatsu Yamada


Momohiro Moriyama


Roxann Shapwaykeesic

Senior Designer

Masaya Nagatomo


Natalia Postnova


Jacobo Quiroga


Ankita Devasia


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