AIBOD Vision and Mission

Mission Statement

We provide consulting and platform to customers so that we can make maximum use of organization's big data & open data (BOD) by artificial intelligence (AI) technology.


Vision Statement

We aim to realize a society full of magic and vitality by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and big data & open data (BOD) analysis technology.

Meta AI

Technology of Artificial Intelligence is wide, from classical Statistics to hot Machine Learning. These technologies are based on mathematics and not easy to understand for everyone. Every company has its own business challenges and agenda. How AI can be adapted, what technology should be used to solve those is also a challenge. Our vision is to give AI technology to everyone.  We democratize AI by systemizing machine learning technology and by offering AI functions that non-specialists can utilize comprehensively. To this goal, we have created AIBOD Mill product.

Digital Collaboration

Big data created in business or social activities, Open data publicized by government or public services, tools or applications for these data, and knowledge derived from these data are important assets in this world. We have a great opportunity to create new insights with these digital assets. We offer a collaboration “Place” to accelerate this chemical reaction by sharing these digital assets. We think the following key functions are required to realize this collaboration. One is user experience to recommend and discover appropriately. Another is to automatically generate Meta data including keywords and explanatory information so that users recognize the contents quickly.To this goal, we have created AIBOD Share product.